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     Nowadays computers have become part and parcel of day to day life. It is no more a luxury but a necessity. Therefore it is necessary that even a small child should have the awareness of computers and know how to use them. With this aim in mind we have set separate computer labs for primary, middle classes and another one for the High school and Hr. Sec. classes. Internet connection in the Lab provides Internet access to source the websites for educational materials. Well qualified and experienced staff members are on the rolls for innovative teaching techniques to facilitate imparting computer knowledge effectively. Students are provided with opportunities to practice and apply practically.
     Physics is “the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them”, but what that really means is that physics is about asking fundamental questions and trying to answer them by observing and experimenting. Our department has competent faculties are very active in extension programmes, in reaching out to students, We have a spacious laboratory - well equipped with all instruments required to suit the Matriculation and Higher Secondary Syllabus. Well furnished work tables to do the practicals without strain. At a time 30 boys can do experiments individually.
     The department of chemistry has been engaged in imparting education through its classroom and laboratory teaching; and creating new scientific knowledge through research aimed at solving some of society's most important human health, energy, and environmental problems. A well equipped spacious lab of dimensions Equipped with all types of apparatus and chemicals that cater to the needs of Matriculation and Higher secondary Students can accommodate 30 students in a practical class - each table provided with a sink and water tap. Equipped with LPG connection - providing each place a gas tap. The worktables are provided with cupboards for students. Regular practical classes conducted for Matriculation and Higher Secondary students.
     The Department of Biology studies life at all levels from molecules to the biosphere to understand the evolution, structure, maintenance and dynamics of biological systems. Our teaching will provide the integrative and conceptual foundations of the life sciences. Our Biology Laboratory of the school is very spacious lab. It is provided with adequate furniture to accommodate about 40 students. The furniture have the features to suit the students to do their practical work conveniently. The laboratory is equipped with microscopes. A very good number of slides are there for the observation. There are more specimen jars containing various types of plants and animals and their organs. A big collection of coloured charts is available, to enable the students understand the smaller and micro details of plants and animals in magnified diagrams. A real, life-size human skeleton compiled of real bones is kept in the laboratory. The Biology Laboratory features the students not just to learn only their subjects but also to appreciate nature.

     The Department of Mathematics is one of the pioneering departments of this institution that offers assistance to the students are provided with ample oppourtunities to improve their organisational skills and group dynamics. They are motivated to handle seminars and to participate in group discussions. Apart from stressing on consistent and good academic performance, the department encourages participation in the curricular and extra curricular activities to bring out the latest talents in its students. The Smart class is used extensively to make teaching and learning easier and interesting. The concepts which were difficult to visualize have been made easy now with the help of smart class.

Exclusive Mathematics Lab is established for all students from LKG to X to provide students with the opportunity to have fun with numbers. It creates a challenging atmosphere for students to put their mathematical abilities to test and enhances their analytical reasoning and lateral thinking through various games and activities. One period per week is allotted for practical work in Maths Lab. The Maths Lab is equipped with kits and materials from HeyMath.

     The department of English has been working hard to bring about a change in the methodology of teaching, evaluation and designing the language curriculum to suit the various levels of students To impart high standard language and soft skills training by using the latest technology and best possible innovations in teaching and assessment. The Department have a Language Lab in English equipped with 40 Computers with Headphones and LCD projector. One period per week of English lab practical is made compulsory for all students from LKG to IX. Computer and headsets with microphones are assigned for every individual student to promote over all proficiency in the English language. This communication skill is inculcated in the minds of the students.

     The School focuses its attention not only on academic excellence but also gives top priority to Sports and Games. Our boys have been doing us proud at District, Regional, State and National Level. Annual Summer Coaching Camp is conducted in April in all the disciplines for intensive coaching as well as beginners. The School provides the facilities and part time coaches to take care of Shuttle, Silambattam & Volley Ball. The Indoor Stadium which is the pride of St. Mary’s gives greater thrust to the promotion of games activities is a boon to our budding sports persons and fitness conscious individuals.


     Smart Class by Educomp has been introduced in 25 class rooms in 2012. It has a knowledge centre with 3 system & server. Smart class is powered by a vast repository of digital introduction material exactly mapped to meet the specific objectives of different classes. Various topics from the student curriculum are converted into animation, so that student can relate to the visuals, thereby helping them to remember and retain knowledge

     We pay special attention to Health Education in value Education classes as well. First-Aid facilities are made available in the Physical Education department to attend to minor injuries. Where need be immediate medical attention is given by taking the child to the nearby medical practitioner and also keeping the parent informed. 

     'Reading makes a full man' - to encourage reading skills among the students, the school has a well stocked library with more than 5000 volumes of books with the latest books in different disciplines, thus enabling the students to do reference for knowledge updation. Periodicals and Magazines are also procured to cater to the needs of all levels of students and staff members. 

     A school canteen is organized to provide healthy food in the campus.

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