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     To enhance the laearning ability, skill and to impart practical exposure about theoritical concepts the school has a modern, fully equippped chemistry lab. Latest apparatus with all equired chemicals are available in the lab.

      The lab is easiy accessible form the class rooms and there are experienced attender always available to support for carryingout all the experiments. Faculty conis of four well qualified and experienced teachers. Seperate areas are available for theory, practicals and group discussions.

     The practival activities carried out in the lab helps the students to develop scientific attituede and to understand the application of basic concepts of chemistry.

     "Life is given by God, Life science is the eye opener of modern world"

     Our biology department teaches all life forms plants, animals, human beings , thorphology , anatomy, physiology, cytology, genetics, evolution , embryology, ecology and economic biology. Our teachers are well qualified. Our lab is quite spacious and equipments are provided according to the need of various classes right from VI to XII. We have more number of microscopic slides / specimens / models / pictorial boards / microscopes 

     "When i approached a child, he inspires in me two sentiments, tndereness for what he / she is, and respect for what he may become"
                                                                                                  LOUIS PASTEUR

     The vision of our department is to ignite the young mids with passion for microbiology. Department of microbiology at St.Marys Girls Higher Secondary School, provides good infrastructure conducive to growing knowledge.

     It has well equiped, well stocked laboratory, including computer, CD-ROMS related to microbiology, biotechnology, immunology, genetics etc., and variety reference books. Students are given hands on experice in various methods of mocrobiology in addition to what is specified in syallabus, with an aim to enable students to stand out in this competitive and technology oriented world.

     We also use contemporary mens of education like powerpoint presentation, debates and discussion, quizing to make learning pleasurable and esay to understand. Students are al;so encouraged to participate in innovative co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

     "Science knows no country beacause knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the heighest personification, of nation will reamin first whch carries the furthest the works of thoughts and Intelligenece"
                                                                                                  LOUIS PASTEUR

     Economics is a social science which deals with human wants and their satisfaction. It is mainly concerned with the way in which a society chooses to employ its scarce resources which have alternative uses, for the production of goods for present and future consumption.

     As Caira Cross Puts it, econimics studies about man as "buyer and seller, producer and consumer, saver and investor, employer and worker"

     Economics ia one of the important branches of socail science. It is of great practical value in our daily life. An economist studies economics to find out a way for many economic and social problems of the society. Economics  can help the government in making broad economic policies. Economist play an importnat role in the affaris of the state.

     It has been rightly said "you cannot be in any real sense a citizen, unless you are alos in some degree an economist".


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